Class Logistics

What do you need to bring? – Applies to all classes!!

  • Appropriate clothing for the weather
    • Indoor classroom is heated/cooled, but we will be outdoors to shoot – rain or shine or snow.
    • The outdoor shooting area is covered, but not enclosed.
    • Closed toe shoes are required, but if the ground is ‘squishy’, you’ll want appropriate boots.
  • Food/drink
    • You are welcome to eat in the classroom.  We won’t stop for an official lunch, but you can eat while I teach.
    • There is a soda machine and usually water for sale, but I advise bringing your own.
  • Classroom Materials
    • Pen & paper for notes
  • Shooting related items – if you have them
    • Eye & ear protection
      • Bring it if you have it. I will provide it if you don’t.
    • Range equipment
      • You are welcome to bring your own handgun if you own one and you know how to legally transport it.  If you don’t – this class will teach you.  If you bring a handgun – PLEASE ENSURE IT IS UNLOADED!
      • I will provide a 9 mm pistol and some ammunition for Basic classes.
        • Concealed Carry classes – you must provide your own firearm, eye & ear protection and a minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition. If you don’t have a firearm, you can rent one as part of your class. Ammunition & eye/ear protection included with rental.
        • If you did not rent a firearm when you signed up for class, go to the Calendar and pick your class date. You can get the firearm rental as a separate ticket even after you’ve registered.
      • You are welcome to bring additional factory ammunition to shoot more than what is provided. 
      • I will have boxes of ammunition available for sale if you decide in class that you want to shoot more.  1 box of 9 mm ammunition is 50 rounds and sells for current market prices.
      • I will have steel, paper and polymer targets available to shoot.
      • I will also have cleaning kits and various items for sale – credit cards are accepted.
  • Location logistics
    • Address for Seitzland Rifle Club is 3938 Bowser Rd, New Freedom, PA 17349 – see photo below
      • Enter “Seitzland Rifle Club“, Google Maps will take you to the Club entrance.
      • If you enter “3938 Bowser”, you’ll end up down Ingham Rd at Pin Oak Lane Farm!!
    • There is a long driveway that runs along a farmer’s field and a row of trees.  Follow that back through the woods and we’ll be in the building at the end of the driveway. Park anywhere and come on in.
    • Class Start Time
      • Class start time will be listed on the email ticket you received when you registered.
        • If you can’t find your registration email, go to the calendar and check the time.
      • If you can’t find that email and still aren’t sure after looking at the calendar, please text Don at (717) 864-4867.
    • Please be 15 minutes early for all classes.
    • If you need to contact me (lost or late) my mobile number is: (717) 864-4867.
    • You will be asked to check-in via QR code upon arrival if you didn’t check in from the welcome email.

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Saturday: Closed
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